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Sports therapy

Experience and health elixir: sports and games

Sport is fun. Sport encourages movement and playfulness. Sport has its challenges. When one does enough sport, it prevents secondary damage and promotes health-oriented behaviour. Our activities in the field of sports therapy are wide-ranging: they include educational, medical / functional and psychosocial considerations.

Sports history

During sports therapy examination, together with the patient there is established aims as to which intervention-specific methods are to be applied, based on their subjective goals.


Spiroergometry is a test procedure for determining general performance (cardiopulmonary performance in particular). The stress test is used for determining an individual's physiological stress limits, and is performed using a traditional ergometer with the patient in a sitting position.

Swimming training

Swimming training is a group therapy where the focus is on developing swimming abilities. Besides the initiation of a back-friendly swimming technique (backstroke), improvements with the resilience of the support and movement profile are sought through the application of targeted endurance training.


Aqua-jogging is a movement group in the water which is like running, where Aquafit exercises are performed (with or without manual devices). The positive characteristics of the water (buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, resistance) are used and integrated in targeted endurance training with the aim of improving general exercise capacity.


A movement group in the water where positive effects on pain-related or stress-related muscular tensions are obtained through basic gymnastic exercises and slow walking exercises. The altered physical properties of the water (buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, resistance, and water temperature), resulting mainly from the reduced weighting effect recognised with immersion in water, have positive effects.


This movement group takes place in the Valens school gymnasium. The focus is on mastering a certain kind of movement. Practices with or without manual devices which have as a focus balance and rhythm of movement are practiced. The main objective is the improvement of co-ordination abilities during the performance of movements.

Ergometer training

A specific kind of endurance training which is performed on a cycle ergometer with the taking into account of the individual circumstances and specific response patterns of the MS patient.

Terrain training

Terrain training is a kind of walking training where the thing at the forefront is training in brisk walking with the aim of reconditioning the stress tolerance of the musculoskeletal system. Patients walk a distance of approx. two kiloemtres at their own individual pace. A small increase in height of 50 meters must be overcome.

Sport and games

Is a movement group which takes place in the Valens school gymnasium. In the form of games large and small, with longer play sessions, the promotion of a sense of responsibility towards other players lies at the forefront.