Social counselling
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Social counselling as part of interdisciplinary treatment

Our counselling service belongs to the interdisciplinary treatment team as a separate group. During counselling sessions we aim at including the social issues of patients (and their relatives) in their therapy during their stay. We also provide after-rehabilitation assistance.

Our offer
- Advice on legal, financial and technical issues
- Advice and support in relation to the work situation, getting back to work or employment opportunities
- Discharge preparation (help with the organisation of successor structures and relief service e.g. Spitex)
- Advice on issues related to the financing and organisation of assistance means
- Advice on migration queries
- Relatives' counselling
- Provision of contact addresses additional care agencies

The social counselling team is available at:

Tel. +41 (0)81 303 11 46 in Valens

Tel. +41(0)81 736 21 52 in Walenstadtberg