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Rheumatology and internal medicine rehabilitation

We see patients who have been impaired by work accidents and more serious sports ones, by diseases caused by wear of the spine and joints, by lung diseases or by the consequences of old age, as well as by inflammatory system diseases. In order to be able to head back to their family, work and free time, they require intensive rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation follows the principles of ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health), which places a high value on the interdisciplinary approach. In addition to the treatment of disorders of body functions, therapy must also extend to activity and participation. Time also plays an important role in successful healing. The earlier a patient can be rehabilitated, the better their chances of their being integrated back into their previous environment and the world of work.

International reputation
We analyse and document the long-term results of our rehabilitation techniques and methods, in the interest of publishing them and introducing them internationally. With this, our latest findings are approved by patients all over the world. With these research efforts, we enjoy a high level of acceptance and an international reputation.