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Recovery with the help of fun and games

Recreation and activation therapy recognises the person as everything. The word "recreation" comes from the Latin verb "recreare" (recreate). It means recreation, free time, hobbies, games, fun and meaningful leisure activity.

Our patients enjoy opportunities to re-experience and revive their individual, creative, artistic and social strengths / resources. Recreation therapy offers input and ideas for finding new, meaningful leisure activities and using known resources.
With this, physical, affective, cognitive and social abilities are supported and acquired. Recreation promotes conversion of what is learned. It is recognised as a complement to other therapies (interdisciplinary co-operation). Many patients treasure it as a chance to continue a hobby or learn something new during recreation time. Others find a soothing day structure, relaxation and an improvement in their life attitude. Recreation also works against disease. There is time for musing and one can enjoy positive experiences, joy and fun. It can also serve as a positive thrust in the area of self-esteem.


Recreation / activation therapy offer

Initial discussion

During an initial discussion, a patient's current day structure, free time behaviour, social circle and integration are clarified, and wishes and achievable goals are discussed.

Individual therapy

Patients who still don't have enough independence and group ability can have their creative, artistic and musical abilities supported and promoted in a 1:1 setting.

Creative group

The creative group operates under the motto "Guidance and Accompaniment". Tools and techniques for individual work are tested in the manual creation field (inter alia silk painting, fabric painting, glass painting, encaustic painting, felting, jewellery creation, wood burning, soapstone creations). Colour, shape and material awakes motivation, interest and access to resources, and at-home opportunities are clarified and developed. It's all recognised under the motto: it's not the production that counts, but the experience.  


Themes are experimented in groups and on an individual basis, with material, colour and technique. Patients learn how to express themselves through painting, and can give themselves and their situation a new perspective.


Through various board and card games, stamina, memory, group activity, social behaviour and concentration are awakened through games.


In the dance group, the ability to feel whole once again is promoted. With their perception of spontaneous movements, the patient experiences a better acceptance of their own body. In addition to balance and co-ordination, non-verbal and social behaviour are also promoted.


The singing group is open to everyone who enjoys singing. The intent is not practicing the skill, but helping people to find the courage to "tone" their own voice.


Music and improvisation with djembes, congas and percussion instruments. The aims include the promotion of co-ordination, concentration, rhythm, presence and group-social behavior.


Recreation / activation therapy organises various events and entertainment evenings (concerts, plays, lectures, chess enthusiasm sessions and annual celebration-themed activities). In addition, IDEM inserts are co-ordinated in recreation / activation therapy  . The volunteer staff of IDEM (those serving a given person) arrange various activities with the patients (game nights, hiking, crazy golf, cooking).