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Principle of nursing care

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Principle of nursing care
This nursing care model was developed as part of a care squad workshop, with the support of an external moderator. It is aimed primarily at all employees in the nursing service, and should serve as a binding orientation aid.
Humanity - values

We accept all persons for their uniqueness, and support them with respect and tolerance. This applies in our treatment of patients* and their caregivers as well as toward our guests and clients, and the colleagues of the Valens Clinic.

We respect the autonomy of our patients, and regard it as important and worth protecting. We are aware that it can be necessary to temporarily limit a patient's autonomy in order to protect them. To us, a professional appearance is a matter of course. We always act in an exemplary manner.

Care - everyday life

Caring for patients is our core mission. We integrate their needs and resources in the care day, and place considerable value on an approach that is attentive, helpful and friendly.

We check our work procedures continuously, and allow for the incorporation of ecological and economical aspects.

We know our responsibilities and competencies, and work in an independent, solution-oriented manner. We take responsibility for our actions.

We work constructively with all other departments and are familiar with the importance of multi-professional teamwork. We play an active role in the organisation and coordination of the rehabilitation process, including with regard to the acknowledgement of the individual concerns of our patients.

We communicate with our patients and their families clearly and transparently. To us, an open discussion and information culture (between ourselves and with other professions) is important.

Quality - knowledge

We plan individual care together with the patient. During the care process we assess their resources systematically, establish care aims together and orient ourselves towards paramount and interdisciplinary goals.

We strive for high care quality and work with established rehabilitation care concepts, and with recognised and consistent standards.

Education and further education is of high priority to us. We maintain an open learning culture and regard learning as a necessary, intrinsically active process. We educate ourselves further on a regular basis for the purpose of maintaining and developing further our technical and social skills.

We encourage care development, orient ourselves according to current scientific knowledge, and integrate new knowledge in our everyday life.

We consider checking the quality of our work important. We are committed to measures for ensuring ongoing quality improvement.

As far as our opportunities are concerned, we perform innovative and practice-relevant projects in collaboration with research institutions.

* For easier readability, we refer to all persons requiring professional care as patients. This of course also includes long-term care residents.