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Natural measures for promoting the body's functions

Physical therapy plays an important role in the overall medical program. The reason for this is that it complements therapeutic options in many medical fields, and often expands them. Physical therapy is comprehensive and more or less oriented toward pain relief. In order to meet these aims, the patients can enjoy a range of options with us.

Physical therapies offer

Classic massage

The classic massage works through mechanical stimulation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, connective tissue (including nerves) and blood and lymph vessels; it regulates tone, addresses hyperemia, promotes backflow and encourages secretion. Overall it causes an effect on the organism which can lead to an overall vegetative sway effect.

Connective tissue massage

Connective tissue massage is one of the reflexology therapies; it includes manual stimulation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, fasciae and muscles through the use of mechanical stretching using specific pulling, sliding and stroke techniques. The connective tissue has a sway effect on the whole vegetative nerves system.

Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage is the treatment of the lymphatic system - manual lymph drainage is promoted. This manual therapy includes, if necessary, supporting compressive bandages as well as special gymnastic exercises. With the use of special handles which exert a push / pull effect, regional lymph nodes and lymph vessels are stimulated, and lymphatic burden is gathered from the interstitium in lymphatic vessels and transported in the direction of the heart.

Feet reflex zones massage

Feet reflex zones therapy falls under the banner of zones therapy; it includes the study and practice of a specific therapy used with special areas of the feet which have a connection to other areas in the body. The basis of it lies with the fact that the body is divided into ten zones, five on each side of the median line. Above these longitudinal zones, the internal organs, glands, muscles and bones are projectively connected to certain points on the foot and the sole. Knowledge of the 10 zones makes it possible to differentiate between various reflex points on the foot with accuracy and to directly influence a specific part of the body through it.


Acupuncture massage

Acupuncture massage is based on the principles of Chinese acupuncture. It's not about the well-known insertion of a needle into a specific point, but about the doctrine of flowing and circulating life energy. The human body requires various systems to function normally, including a breathing system, a digestion system, a circulation system and a nervous system. The idea of an energy circulation system was imported from ancient China; it is said to superordinately regulate all other systems and body functions.
This therapy seeks to influence this overarching system. It addresses the energy balance of the organism and attempts to normalise all the body's functional processes through it.

Underwater massage

It includes the application of a variable water jet in a full bath, whose pressure varies from 1 to 4 atü. The massage effect is supplemented with the thermic and the hydrostatic effect of the water. The dosage of stimulation caused by the water jet is particularly important, as it adds to the thermic stimulation effect.


Thermotherapy is a well-known remedy which is used in countless applications today.

The thermotherapies that we use include:
•Hayflower wrap
•Red light
•High frequencies

Investigations have shown that local heat applications mainly have an influence on tissue metabolism. Chemical reactions are accelerated in its course (when the temperature increases from 1 degree Celsius by 2-3 times as much). Circulation of the skin is stimulated. This results in vasodilitation and increased capillary blood pressure as well as incraesed permeability, which leads to an increased exchange of substances between blood and tissue. The effects are indeed diverse.


DC therapy involves the application of a therapy whose flow is constant, and which is consistently guided in a single direction. The biggest effects lie with the current ion shifts recognised with the current action and the secondary biological processes which it transitions into.


A form of treatment using mechanical stimuli in the form of sound waves with a frequency range of 800 to 1000 kHz. Ultrasound is when a sound wave frequency is above 20,000 Hz, a frequency too high for the human ear to hear.

Medicinal baths

Herbal baths can be applied mainly in the form of extracts, oils and bathing salts. Their effect works directly on the skin and circulation; hence it works on almost all the functions of an organism. With some additives, inhalation in a bath (with an affect on the nervous system) also plays a role. With said oil baths, there also takes place re-absorption i.e. penetration into the blood through the skin and with it effects on inner organs / organ systems as well.