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For us, further medical education at the Valens Clinics is important. We are recognised by the Swiss  Doctors Union (FMH) and by the Swiss Institute for Further Education (SIWF) - which are registered under the Swiss Federal Internal Department (EDI), responsible for further medical education - as a further education establishment for the following:

  • Neurology (1 year)
  • Neuro-rehabilitation (1 year)
  • General internal medicine (1 year)
  • Pneumology (1 year)
  • Rheumatology (2 years)
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation (2 years)

The theoretical further training contents and the practical skills, which can be taught and learned during a part of medical training for senior medical positions or during the so-called year abroad in the Valens Clinics, are described in detail in the following further training concepts.

For colleagues from EU countries, it should also be added that, under bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU, it is a basic condition that all further education units recognised in Switzerland should also be recognised throughout the EU. However, in the event of any uncertainties it is recommended to ask the appropriate authorities about the details of what may be recognised.

Further education programs