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The thermal spring as the origin for the Valens Rehabilitation Centre

Even the Romans knew the healing effects of thermal water, in particular with rheumatic and chronic diseases. The healing powers of the thermal waters of Pfäfers was discovered by monks in 1240. Ill persons were lowered into the gorge in baskets, to bathe in the rock holes. In the year 1535, Paracelsus was recognised as a bathing doctor in the gorge. The construction work with the still-existing baroque bath in the Tamina gorge was completed in 1718. The Old Baths of Pfäfers is today recognised as a cultural and meeting spot. The Rehabilitation Centre was built on the Valens sun terrace in 1970, and was extended in   1993 - 1997, 2000/01 and 2012. The thermal water in the spring is still used to this day.

The fresh mountain air as the basis for the Walenstadtberg Rehabilitation Centre

The St. Gallen Sanatorium for Lung Diseases (in Walenstadtberg) was inaugurated in 1909. In 1937 the sanatorium was converted into a hospital with a medical and radiology department. With the introduction of antibiotic treatment of tuberculosis patients, treatment periods became ever shorter, hence the clinic also being open to patients without tuberculosis since 1965. In 1978, a special department for Multiple Sclerosis victims was opened. In September 2011 the Walenstadtberg Clinic fused with the Valens Clinic. Since then the two rehabilitation centres have been known as the Valens Clinics.