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Individual independence and a reduction in the need for care

The aim of geriatric rehabilitation is the regaining of individual independence and the reduction or prevention of need for care following a serious disease or an accident.

After carrying out a standardised geriatric assessment, the rehabilitation is performed by a specialised team. The existing disabilities and problems are discussed with the patient, and rehabilitation aims are established. If appropriate, our social counselling and ergotherapy will also check whether or not a clarification of living conditions and, if appropriate, a change in living conditions is necessary in order to enable a return to a safe home environment.

During the rehabilitation stage, family memers will be involved as needed, so that our team can instruct them how to live with the impairments in question and handle any necessary aid means e.g. a wheelchair.

With our specialist knowledge and long years of experience, we offer geriatric rehabilitation where patients' everyday restrictions are reduced and their independence is improved, and which allows them to recover from serious diseases and accidents in a wonderful environment.