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Competent care around the clock

Care is a central element in the services offered by the Valens Clinic. As a patient you will get targeted and individualised support from the carers, to promote, maintain or regain your independence. Our principle is: as much helps as necessary and as much independence as possible!

Activating, therapeutic care

For us, your needs and concerns form the basis of an integrated, on-demand and specialist rehabilitation treatment. We are your contact person; we will accompany you in your recovery process and gladly take into account your concerns and those of your family.

Our teams possess in-depth knowledge and work together with everyone involved in the rehabilitation process - it's all interdisciplinary and inter-professional. The nurses consistently focus on uniform concepts (kinaesthetics, Bobath, Affolter, F.O.T.T.) and make special use of them during physical treatment (position supports and transfers, and as an accompaniment to everyday activities).

We perform technical maintenance tasks, such as wound dressings, injections and administration of drugs, in line with the latest knowledge. The necessary care measures are planned and constantly evaluated based on your medical history and regular assessment of your individual self-care index. We look forward to defining the purpose of your stay together with you. We will actively involve you in the care process - we want you to feel well with us.

Care offer

Bobath concept
The application of the Bobath concept is especially appropriate for all patients with neurological diseases (cerebrovascular accident, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage, Parkinson's, Guillaine-Barré disease). The Bobath concept is an interdisciplinary concept with the aim of optimising your movements and normalising your muscle tone. The concept is applied in physical care support, positioning, support during transfers and also with eating.
Affolter concept
The Affolter concept is also known as "guided interaction therapy". Guidance here means that another person (nurse, therapeutic staff, family members) performs treatment actions with you in such a way that shared connections between you and the environment are established. With this guidance, everyday treatment experiences are re-experienced, understood, noticeable, familiar; independent action is possible and a learning process commences. Through these guided interaction experiences, motor, cognitive and emotional capabilities are promoted.
The term kinaesthetics can be defined with the concept "art / science of motion perception". This concept promotes conscious awareness of your movement. We encourage a healthy and flexible application of movement to increase your movement capacity and your self-efficacy. We use kinaesthetics in all everyday activities, in particular in connection with transfers or personal hygiene, and also with positions in a bed or on a chair.
Pain concept
Pain is one of the strongest human experiences related with fear. Our motto is: "Pain is what the patient says, and whenever they say it is". We are confident that the assessment and the control of experienced pain are what leads to the success of a pain treatment. As such we work with various assessment tools and discuss your pain situation in an interdisciplinary team. In addition to drug therapy we also offer you special storage facilities and reels.
F.O.T.T Facial Oral Tract Therapy
This therapy has its roots in the Bobath concept and is also aimed predominantly at persons with neurological diseases. The aim of the concept is to influence the restricting fare and the changed muscle tone in such a way that the functions of breathing, speaking and food consumption will once again be co-ordinated and be able to function safely again. We base our work on this concept, in particular when dealing with dysphagia. Our aim is the regaining of your independence and promoting it as much as possible, thus granting you participation in social life.
JAMES Zimmer
The environment control system named JAMES provides the possibility of performing certain acts independently when one's movement is severely limited. JAMES is a programmable infra-red remote control system which can replace all other remote control systems - it can store and replay the respective infra-red codes. With the remote control, one can regulate the TV, the telephone, the room lighting, the calling bell, windows, doors and even the bed. We also have assistance means such as the book turner machine or a newspaper turner.
Mobility supporting care
In the Valens Clinics, we seek to promote your mobility. Hence, we carers, in co-operation with the Fachhochschule Winterthur (ZHAW), developed the mobility-promoting care intervention system. If necessary it may be kept on the floor, on a mattress. Several times a day you go from lying down to sitting / standing and vice versa. With this you will be able to learn individual movement patterns and options, and integrate them. As such we promise you positive effects with your mobility, orientation and perception and, last but not least, on the quality of your life. Intervention is currently being reviewed for its efficiency as part of a research project.