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Relax and recharge

Our hotel is affiliated with the Valens Rehabilitation Centre. Our entire medical range is available to you as a spa guest. You can have recreation and spa treatments with us thanks to our renowned spa.

The authorisation for the execution of a cure usually takes place after/during remibursement of costs with the relevant health insurance/accident insurance office. The request (with appropriate justification of medical necessity for a spa stay) must be submitted by the assigning institution or the doctor beforehand.

A spa is divided into health and recreational buildings. These spa buildings meet the quality criteria approved by "santésuisse" (umbrella association of Swiss health insurers) in Spring 2002. The association "Welfare Switzerland" unites rehabilitation clinics, spas and health and wellness hotels throughout Switzerland.

The compulsory health insurance policy does not include any contribution to food costs. However, it usually includes outpatient treatment costs (doctors, medicaments and therapy) minus annual deductibles/excess with medical cases. Patients must choose their accommodation at the "Valens Hotel".

In addition to convalescent therapy, there is also spa therapy, which can only be performed at accredited spas. In the case of "spa therapies" there is included financial contributions to the food costs courtesy of the basic insurance policy (often CHF 10.00/day, as it has been for decades). This is at home, with a valid basic insurance policy in Switzerland. With additional or private insurance policies, more subsidies for cost reimbursement can be provided by the insurance provider subject to a medically justified reason. The obligatory health insurance policy minus annual deductibles/excess also applies with outpatient treatment costs,.

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Difference between bathing and convalescence therapies

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Spa stay leaflet

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